The Hidden World of Sherwood Part 1 Our Memories

Today’s re-occurring conversations focussed on memories of childhood. The snippets were from visitiors who came down from Yorkshire on Sunday (27th October) morning.

“I can remember when I came here in the 1960s.”

“We used to used to come down here for the day, and play in the woods.”

“Yeah, I think the gap in the Major Oak was bigger then.”

Another couple hadn’t been to Sherwood for a couple of years, were on a good walk around the Reserve. What was interesting to me was their comment that many local people did the ‘Walk from Visitor Centre to Major Oak ‘ but never went further afield to Budby. ‘They’re missing so much,” he commented. So true…

For me listening to the stories that our visitors have of their younger memories, is immensely interesting offering an insight to the variety of reasons people come to the Nature Reserve.

As a Guide, I have the opportunity to witness first hand parents sharing their own memories with their children ensuring these fond memories continue.

Sharing precious memories

Whether your experience is of being one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men, whilst soaking up the soothing atmosphere of the wonderful oaks and birches; at the same looking out for the vast diversity of fungi in Autumn. One thing is clear, people have been doing this for hundreds of years. I try to imagine whether our ancestors in between their daily routines gathering food, securing shelter etc, spent time sharing their own hidden memories by telling stories from their childhood experiences.

“*Hidden World of Sherwood” is a guided walk by Steve. For more information about this and other activities at RSPB Sherwood

Visit Sherwood

What’s your hidden memories of Sherwood Forest?

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