The Freedom to be Inspired

I came across a article a few years ago about how writers sometimes take a walk in the woods and game inspiration, especially when they have writers block. Even though I’ve not experienced this, I understand why this might help, but I’m not totally sure why? When we dwelt amongst the trees and were ‘one with nature’, the sounds and the smells have a positive impact. I wonder whether our ancient and medieval ancestors were inspired to tell tales and stories.

Imagination Inspired

Walking through the Forest on Remembrance Sunday, I couldn’t help feel not only thankful the sacrifices made by our gallant men and women in both world wars, but how they fought for not just physical liberties, but the freedom to walk and experience the Woods. What it must have felt for the returning service personnel to amble through the tress amongst family and friends, is hard to fully imagine. What I do know is that they play an important part in inspiring each generation that follows.

Wonderful inspiring Nature
Beautifully portrayed like an artist’s canvas

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