Walking slowly….

Everyone has their reason or reasons to visit Sherwood Forest. Young families searching for Robin Hood; a couple taking a peaceful stroll in the woods, maybe with their faithful four-legged friend; or perhaps the many thousands of visitors from across the country and far away lands to experience first hand the Major Oak for the first time.


As a guide, I have the privilege and opportunity to meet or accompany visitors. On one such occasion, I strolled not walked, stopping often to observe the wide variety of fungi that Sherwood had in Autumn. I was so grateful for their knowledge identifying fungi. After we parted, my thoughts turned to our ancestors. Their almost certainly passed on their knowledge of which fungi to avoid, how to forage etc, to their young.

Later on this particular Sunday morning, I accompanied a local family from Clipstone, who had been visiting Sherwood Forest for years. I suggested a detour from their regular weekly walk. As I pointed out the hidden world of notable oaks they responded by seeing “faces” in the Ancient trees.

Their reaction “We’ve been coming here so many times, and never known how trees can be so interesting…

By walking slowly, like our ancestors, we see and experience so much more that can be hidden from our very eyes..

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